Jigsaw Puzzles HD Updated on Windows 8 – Free Download

An improved version of the game is now waiting in the Store

Jigsaw Puzzles HD is one of the games that got improved today, so make sure you launch the Store to get the new version as soon as possible.

According to the official release notes, the new build comes with a fix for a bug that caused the app to fail to start in some cases. In addition, it also brings minor fixes that are supposed to improve the overall performance and stability.

“Jigsaw Puzzles HD is an addicting jigsaw puzzle game, designed for both tablets and PCs. It features stunning, high-resolution images (2560x1600) that look great on any device,” the app description reads.

Of course, Jigsaw Puzzles HD works like a charm on both Windows 8 and Windows RT, with the best experience provided on a touch-capable device.

View Jigsaw Puzzles HD for Windows 8/RT in your browser.

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