KB2862330 Windows 7 Update Fails to Install

Users are once again reporting issues with Patch Tuesday updates

Last month, some of the updates released by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday were stuck in an installation loop and couldn’t be installed, with the company releasing a fix after approximately two weeks.

Now we’re receiving reports that one of the security updates rolled out on this month’s Patch Tuesday is again causing trouble to Windows 7 users, as it repeatedly fails to install.

“The patch appears to install, but when I reboot my computer the patch stalls out at 35%. The only thing I can do after it stalls is push the power button and then let the system revert back,” one of the affected users mentioned on the Microsoft Community forums.

Even though it first seemed that users could easily solve the problems by disabling anti-virus protection, it appears that it’s actually a problem with the update, so we’re still waiting for some comments from Redmond on this.

Update (October 12, 2013): Microsoft has confirmed the issues and delivered a pretty vague workaround.

Update 2 (October 15, 2013): a Microsoft Product Manager said that his company is still investigating the issue, so there are no details on the release date of a new fix.

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