KB2862330 Windows XP Update Locked in Installation Loop

Windows XP users are now experiencing issues with a Patch Tuesday update

I’ve already reported to you several times that one of the updates released this Patch Tuesday causes problems to Windows 7 users, but it turns out that more Windows versions are actually affected.

According to postings on Microsoft’s Community support forums, the KB2862330 update is locked in an installation loop on a number of computers.

“I am running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3. I am getting the same 'Windows Security Update for Windows XP (KB2862330)' every time I l start up, even though it appears to have downloaded successfully and shows up on the list of updates as having been installed 7 days ago!” one user explained.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t provided any details regarding a possible workaround for this, but the company said earlier this week that it was looking into the matter to determine what went wrong with the update.

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