KMS Activation Lasts Only 180 Days on Pirated Copies of Windows 8.1

The custom activation method is working only six months

A KMS activation system that was developed one week after the launch of Windows 8.1 allowed anyone running a pirated copy of the operating system to activate it free of charge using just a custom host and a few commands.

It turns out, however, that the KMS activation method only allows consumers to use the operating system for up to 180 days, which means that they’ll still need to input a legitimate key after six months.

While this is more like an extended trial version of Windows 8.1, I’m pretty sure that Microsoft isn’t okay with it, so expect Redmond to block some custom hosts in the coming updates of the operating system.

I’ve reached out to Microsoft for a word on the KMS activation system, but a company spokesperson said that they had nothing to share right now, which most likely means that they’re looking into the issue and trying to find a way to block it.

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