KeePass 2.21 Available for Download

It includes support for more character encodings in various areas

The new version for KeePass includes auto-type enhancements and support for more character encodings in various areas, but it also integrates UI enhancements and minor features and improvements.

Among the highlights for KeePass 2.21, there is support for importing from LastPass 2.0.2 CSV files and the display of an error message when attempting to use the database as a key file. On the same note, file operations are now context-independent, thus making it possible to use the “Activate database” trigger action during locking.

As far as improvements and other changes are concerned, the new revision brings to the table an enhanced AnyPassword importer to additionally support CSV files exported by AnyPassword Pro 1.07.

Temporary files that have been created when exporting the database are now deleted immediately even when an exception occurs.

The full list of modifications is available on this page. KeePass can be found here; a portable version is also available.

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