Kim Dotcom's Mega Releases Firefox Extension

It sits quietly in the browser, increases download performance

Kim Dotcom’s freshly launched cloud storage service Mega released an extension for Mozilla Firefox that is supposed to improve the download performance.

The add-on is not available on Mozilla’s add-ons web site, but if you access the service with Firefox browser, you will be prompted to install the extension as soon as you log in.

Of course, you can choose not to install it, but the message promises improved download performance and the possibility to “batch-download an unlimited number of files without any size restrictions.” For some users this may be enough of an incentive, especially since Mega Extension sits quietly in the browser and is no cause for bother.

Although there aren’t too many perks included at the moment, in the long run the service might make expand the functionality of the add-on with a slew of features.

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