Kinect for Windows SDK Updated to

The new app version brings fixes for various issues in the previous release

On May 2nd, 2012, Microsoft made available for download a new version of its Kinect for Windows SDK, meant to solve a series of issues that were found in the previous flavor of the tool.

The new Kinect for Windows SDK version was released specifically to replace version due to said issues.

Microsoft explains that the earlier version of the tool kit had the potential to deliver certificate error messages during setup, though only in limited scenarios.

“The issue was resolved in version The error messages included: “The integrity of this certificate cannot be guaranteed,” “The signature of the certification cannot be verified,” and “This certification has an invalid digital signature”,” Microsoft explains.

All of the enhancements that the final flavor of Kinect for Windows SDK packed when compared to the beta release were kept in the new app iteration.

Download Kinect for Windows SDK

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