LastPass 2.0.20/21 Available for Download

It adds preliminary support for Maxthon browser, faster login

The new version for LastPass has been released for all supported browsers and includes plenty of improvements touching on the performance of the application.

In the fresh build, the security score is calculated automatically and displayed next to the Security Challenge link in the vault. Maxthon has been added to the list of supported web browsers, albeit it is in beta.

The login should be faster in this release as the binary components are now hashed and the password iteration number is now recommended to be at 5,000. Also new is the option to clear the login credentials when logging out, if these were filled in automatically by the application.

A very important new feature is LastPass Sentry, which allows you to run the Security Challenge and be notified on the spot if any of your usernames have been leaked.

The repairs available include fixing the NTLM authentication in Internet Explorer. The current version of LastPass also integrates new features for the Enterprise version. All modifications can be viewed on this page.

Download LastPass for Windows

Download LastPass for Mac

Download LastPass for Linux

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