Leaked Microsoft Video Pokes Fun at Google Chrome

The tech giant plans to continue its Scroogled campaign with anti-Google Chrome video

Microsoft seems to be fully prepared to continue its Scroogled campaign following Google’s statements at the I/O conference, so this new video shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Interestingly, this new internal video pokes fun at Google Chrome and is mostly a parody of the “Now Everywhere” ad released by the search giant some time ago.

Just like the previous anti-Google attacks, this clip is being used to show users that the Mountain View-based Microsoft rival uses the browser to track users and collect personal data that would help the company make a profit.

“Google watches everything you do, where you are, who you call, what you search, what you watch, the contents of your email and chats, who your friends are, what apps you own, what you buy, what you listen to. And it uses it to make a profit off of you,” the video states.

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