Leaked Screenshot Confirms Windows 8.1 Build 9374

Microsoft has almost completed the development of the public beta

Microsoft might be very close to completing the development of the public beta of Windows 8.1, the major overhaul of Windows 8 that’s very likely to see daylight sometime this summer.

A new leaked screenshot confirms that Windows 8.1 build 9374 is currently being tested by select Microsoft partners and, given the fact that it’s reportedly called “Pro Preview,” this could be an early version of the upcoming public beta.

While no official details are available on the Windows Blue / Windows 8.1 project, there are some indications that Microsoft might use the BUILD developer conference in June to introduce the beta version, while the stable build is very likely to be unveiled in August.

It’s not yet clear whether this public beta brings major improvements over the leaked build that reached the web a few weeks ago, but more information is very likely to be provided soon, as we get closer to the debut of the beta version.

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