Leaked Screenshot Showing Windows 8.1 RTM Reaches the Web

Photo appears to confirm that Microsoft has completed work on Windows 8.1

As I’ve reported to you not a long time ago, sources close to the matter revealed that Microsoft already completed work on Windows 8.1 RTM, so the OS update is now on its way to OEMs.

A small screenshot that reached the web a couple of hours ago shows what seems to be the final build string of Windows 8.1, thus confirming that Microsoft has indeed finalized the operating system.

As you can see, this screenshot doesn’t show anything new, but it could serve as an indication that Windows 8.1 RTM was completed as promised before the end of August, so the company is on track for the October 18 release it already announced.

As for any leak that could happen in the coming weeks, Microsoft is trying to prevent any build from the reaching the web, so both MSDN and TechNet subscribers could get access to Windows 8.1 only in October.

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