Leaked Windows 8.1 Build Reveals New App Icons

Microsoft has almost completed the design of the Windows 8.1 public preview

Microsoft will officially unveil the public preview of Windows 8.1 next month during the BUILD developer conference, but it seems like the company has almost completed the development of this beta version.

A leaked build of the operating system comes with new icons for the built-in Metro apps, including Alarm, Voice Recorder, and Calculator, which could be an indication that the Softies are now making the final adjustments to the first preview flavor.

As you can see in this screenshot, each new Metro app integrated into Windows 8.1 seems to be ready for launch, as the previous leaks featured more or less incomplete builds.

While the public beta of Windows 8.1 is scheduled to go live in June, the stable version of the operating system should go on sale soon after that, with August or September believed to witness its debut.

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