Leaked Windows 8.1 Screenshot Shows the New Movie Moments App

The tech giant will introduce a video editor app in Windows 8.1

Microsoft will roll out Windows 8.1 Preview later this month and in addition to many other improvements, the operating system will also come with a new Metro app called Movie Moments.

Even though only little is known at this point about this app, previous reports revealed that Movie Moments will actually be a Metro-based video editor that would allow users to tweak their clips, add captions and music, and share the output with friends.

As we can see in this screenshot, the interface seems to be a bit more polished, which is another sign that we’re getting closer to the public launch of Windows 8.1 Preview.

The app will also comprise camera support, so you’ll be able to easily take a video and load it in Movie Moments without even closing the Metro UI and switching to desktop.

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