Less Clicks to Launch Apps on Windows 8 than on Windows 7 – Microsoft

The new OS has been designed in such a way that it makes easier to launch apps

Windows 8 is often considered a confusing operating system and users prefer to stick to Windows 7, as it provides a much more familiar working environment.

But Microsoft claims that everything has been designed to be easier to use, including the Start Screen that everybody is criticizing these days.

Users need less clicks to launch an app thanks to this Start Screen, Oliver Niehus, Principal Application development manager and member of the Application Experience SWAT team, said.

“If you counted the number of required clicks or keystrokes to start a program in Windows 7, you will see you won’t need more rather less clicks when using Windows 8,” he explained.

The Start Screen, however, remains one of the most controversial Windows features ever and, even though plenty of users are asking for a Start button, Microsoft has shown no intention to dump the Start Screen.

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