LibreOffice 4.0 RC1 Available for Download

It does away with plenty of bugs touching on file opening and editing

The first release candidate for LibreOffice has been released. The new revision does away with a hefty list of bugs that have been detected in the last beta build.

Among the fixed issues, there is the one with importing DOCX files. Also repaired is the problem with Thai text in some UI elements being displayed overlapped on Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines.

The developer did away with the bug that caused the display to jump to the wrong page upon changing the zoom level in Writer. On the same note, users should no longer experience problems with the layout when opening RTF documents.

A bunch of crash bugs have also been removed in this build, among them one that terminated the application when trying to open some DOCX documents. Another caused trouble with exporting to PDF when large transparent bitmaps were present.

The entire list of repairs is available on this page.

Download LibreOffice for WindowsMac or Linux.

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