Listen to the Skype Ringtone Song, Download Link Included

House duo creates Skype song using the default dial tone

If you’re an addicted Skype user, you’re probably pretty familiar with the dial tone which, to be honest, could easily become annoying in some cases.

Norwegian house duo, Jonathan Gjertsen and Morten Reinhard, released the so-called Skype Song, a four-minute mix based on the aforementioned Skype dial tone.

It was just “a little project we did in three hours, trying to make the Skype call sound a little easier on the ears,” the duo wrote on Soundcloud.

Although we’re not the biggest fans of this dial tone, we have to admit that we quickly turned into a bunch of headbanger-wannabes by the time the song came to an end.

So watch the above video to listen to the song (make sure you load the HD version) and use the comment box after the jump to tell us what you think.

And click here to download the MP3 file.

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