LiveDrive for Windows 8 Released for Download

Manage your files in the cloud from any Windows 8 device

If you’re looking for a cloud service for your Windows 8 device, LiveDrive is one of the apps that could lend you a hand thanks to a newly developed app.

The program lets you upload and download files with just a click or a tap, but you can also stream movies, access photos or share files with other Windows 8 apps. In addition, you can easily save files to the cloud account from any other supported app.

Of course, the application requires a LiveDrive account and prompts users to log with their username and password the first time they launch the app.

LiveDrive for Windows 8 comes with support for all devices running Microsoft’s newest platform, including those working with x86, x64 and ARM builds.

Click here to load the LiveDrive for Windows 8 product page in your browser.

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