Lockscreen HD for Windows 8 Released, Download Now

An easy to use application that comes with lockscreen backgrounds

Customizing the Windows 8 lockscreen isn’t such a difficult job, especially since the operating system comes with built-in options to set any photo stored on your computer as background.

But Lockscreen HD is an application that makes everything a lot easier, as it brings you high-resolution photos that can be easily configured as lockscreen backgrounds without leaving the Metro UI.

Sadly, the program isn’t offered with a freeware license, but it does pack an eye-candy interface and a great collection of photos that are automatically updated via online servers.

Lockscreen HD works not only on x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8, but also on ARM builds, so it’s completely optimized for the touch and runs smoothly on Windows RT tablets.

Click here to view the official Windows Store page of Lockscreen HD for Windows 8.

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