Mac OS X Running on Jailbroken Microsoft Surface RT

Developer manages to boot Mac OS X on a Windows RT tablet

A one-click jailbreak software solution for Windows RT reached the web a few hours ago, so developers are now working hard on recompiling applications to run on Microsoft’s tablet-oriented operating system.

Irish software creator Steve Troughton-Smith has managed to boot Apple’s extremely old Rhapsody OS on a jailbroken Microsoft Surface RT, just one day after another programmer configured Windows 95 to run on a similar tablet.

It’s all possible through Bochs for Windows, one of the few apps that have been recompiled to work on ARM tablets after the jailbreak technique was officially released on the web.

Microsoft confirmed the hack in a public statement, and while it also “applauded” the researchers behind this project, the company also hinted that it may release a patch to block similar attempts in the future.

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