Maps App for Windows 8 Brings Google Maps in the Metro UI

The app is offered with a freeware license and works on all Windows 8 builds

Google hasn’t launched a Windows 8 version of the Google Maps client, but third-party developers have been hard at work to create alternatives for all adopters of the new OS.

The Maps app for Windows 8 is a Metro tool that relies on the Google Maps API to provide users with satellite imagery, but also with the famous Street View mode developed by the Mountain View-based search company.

In addition, you get detailed directions, draggable maps, integrated business search results and Earth view right in the Metro user interface.

The app is available at absolutely no cost and works flawlessly on all Windows 8 builds currently on the market, including x86, x64 and ARM flavors.

Click here to view the Windows Store page of the Maps App for Windows 8 in your browser.

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