Maxthon 4.0.1 Released, Supports WebRTC

It is a preview version so bugs may create problems

Maxthon rolled out the preview for version 4.0.1 of their browser. The most significant modification in this revision is support for WebRTC.

This means that it can be used for real time communication (voice, video and file sharing) over the web. Support for WebRTC is at the beginning.

Additional changes refer to recovering the option for allowing only one window for the browser as well as repairs.

The fixes address stability and functionality problems. With this revision, users should no longer have trouble with the display of the download speed in Retro Mode or with the proxy settings. Also fixed is the issue with using high amounts of memory. The full changelog can be viewed on this page.

Maxthon Browser is available for download from this link; it is also available in portable form.

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