Meet the Woman Behind the “New” Windows 8 – Video

Julie Larson-Green talks about Windows 8 and the “reinvented” Windows division

Steven Sinofsky has left Microsoft (although it turns out he’s still a Redmondian until December 31), so Julie Larson-Green is now the new head of the Windows and Windows Live division.

In an interview with ABC News, Green used the same “Windows reinvented” tagline we’ve heard so many times before, trying to emphasize that Microsoft’s latest operating system is actually a very advanced piece of software that perfectly matches people’s expectations.

On a side note, Sinofsky is the one responsible for most of the elements you can see right now in Windows 8, but also for the ones you can no longer see.

Sources familiar with the matter are hinting that Sinofsky pursued Steve Ballmer to drop the popular Start Menu in the favor of the newly-developed Start Screen that’s considered confusing by so many people these days.

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