Microsoft: 200 Million SkyDrive Users and Counting

The company will shut down Live Mesh and move all users to SkyDrive

Microsoft’s very own SkyDrive has recorded a remarkable growth in the last couple of months, with official figures now pointing to a record 200 million users.

More and more are coming every day, Microsoft said, especially thanks to integration into a wide array of services and products developed by the company.

“We’ve been working to bring the DNA of Windows Live Mesh together with SkyDrive into a single service, set of apps and developer APIs. So we’ve been making big moves with SkyDrive — taking it from a single website ( a year ago, to the world’s most available and versatile cloud storage service with a new HTML5 website and apps for Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, iPad, and now Xbox 360,” David Kornfield, product marketer, said.

The company has announced earlier today that Windows Live Mesh would be discontinued in early 2013, so all users are recommended to make the move to SkyDrive.

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