Microsoft: 200 Million Windows 8 Licenses Sold Since Launch

The company provides more information on how Windows 8 is doing right now

Microsoft hasn’t provided too many details about the way Windows 8 was selling after launch and the company preferred to remain tight-lipped and focus on improving the operating system on a regular basis.

And still, Microsoft’s Tami Reller revealed during the Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference that Redmond sold a total of 200 million Windows 8 licenses since launch, without making any other comments whether these figures are good or bad.

Of course, it’s hard to determine whether Windows 8 is still performing below expectations or not, but the current market share of the operating system is barely reaching 10 percent, according to figures provided by market researcher Net Applications.

For the sake of comparison, Microsoft sold a total of 240 million licenses of Windows 7 in one year after launch, so it’s pretty obvious that Windows 8 is far less successful than its predecessor.

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