Microsoft Accounts Get Optional Two-Step Verification

The company is trying to improve the security of its accounts

Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft has officially introduced the optional two-step verification for its accounts, thus adding a new security layer that’s supposed to block many, if not most, fraud attempts.

The new feature will be gradually rolled out to users across the world in the next couple of days, with Microsoft allowing people to get access to their accounts via a unique code sent via email or to a defined phone number.

In addition, Microsoft has also implemented a so-called Authenticator app that can be installed on Windows Phones to generate a code used to access the accounts.

“With this release you can choose to protect your entire account with two-step verification, regardless of what service (or device) you are using with your Microsoft account. It’s your choice whether you want to enable this, but for those of you that are looking for ways to add additional security to your account, we’ve worked hard to make set-up really easy,” Microsoft explained.

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