Microsoft Admits It Failed to Fix the Surface Limited Wi-Fi Bug

The company is working on a new patch to be released in the coming months

Microsoft promised to fix the limited Wi-Fi connectivity bug affecting both the Surface RT and the Pro with this month’s Patch Tuesday updates but, as far as users are concerned, the new firmware has made absolutely no difference.

While several users have confirmed that the limited Wi-Fi scenario still persists after applying the new updates, a member of the Surface team revealed that another patch would be released “in the coming months.”

“Sorry to hear that the March firmware did not resolve the Limited WiFi issue. Continued wireless updates are planned in coming months, please keep checking Windows Update during the next Patch Tuesday cycle,” Steven_B, a forum moderator and a Surface team member, said in a post.

Waiting a few more months may be unacceptable for some Surface customers, so you can always try to exchange the device with a new one that might not experience the issue.

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