Microsoft Admits It Hasn’t Fixed the Surface WiFi Bug

The company says that it’s still working on a patch

Even though Microsoft has previously said that it fixed the Surface RT WiFi connectivity issues with the latest Patch Tuesday updates, plenty of users have still experienced the bug in the last couple of days.

Now Microsoft admits that the glitch is yet to be fixed and says that its Surface team is still working on a patch that shall be released anytime soon.

“We are still working on the WiFi issue, you're not forgotten. There are a lot of scenario's and WiFi related issues so it takes a while to read through all of them and understand what the underlying problem is,” a Surface support engineer said.

Users complain that their Surface RT tablets get only limited connectivity to WiFi networks, even though all the other devices work just fine. Several workarounds have already been published, but none of them manages to deal with the issue once and for all.


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