Microsoft: Affordable Windows Devices Are Waiting for Windows XP Users

The company claims that XP users should have a look at the other Windows devices out there

Windows XP support will soon come to an end, but with so many consumers still running the ancient operating system, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft needs to step up its game and continue efforts to move everyone to a newer platform.

Microsoft’s Tami Reller, who is now head of marketing for the software giant, said at the Goldman Sachs technology conference that Windows XP users need to have a look at the Windows devices on the market, as there are plenty of affordable products out there.

"As customers look to replace XP machines or older generation machines, they don't know there are very affordable Windows devices," she said. "We'll do everything in the OS itself and other programmes to make it easy for OEMs to deliver very competitive products."

The overall costs of the migration from Windows XP are one of the main reasons why many users postpone a decision, especially because a newer platform, such as Windows 8 or 8.1, would also imply hardware upgrades.

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