Microsoft Already Testing Smart Watch Prototypes

Previous reports indicated that Microsoft might launch a smart watch this year

Microsoft seems to be really keen on launching a smart watch and thus bring the fight against Apple to a whole new level, as a new report now reveals that the tech giant is already testing several prototypes.

Citing unnamed sources, The Verge writes that Microsoft’s smart watch is being developed by the Xbox division, as the company initially planned to develop a heart rate monitor accessory for its gaming console.

The project has evolved and the Softies are working on a standalone device featuring a 1.5-inch display and a magnetic power connector similar to the one already implemented in the Surface tablets.

The five pins available in this connector would allow the device to receive both power and data, so the watch would most likely be capable to sync information with other Windows devices, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

As for the release date, there are no details available at this point, but rumor has it that Microsoft might debut it sometime this year, most likely in the last months of 2013.

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