Microsoft Announces New App Updates for Windows 8.1 RTM

The company will improve the Xbox entertainment apps in 8.1

The Redmond-based software maker Microsoft announced several improvements for the Xbox entertainment apps available in Windows 8.1 Preview, but it appears that even more enhancements will be introduced in the RTM version.

The company has confirmed the news in a blog post, but it provided no clear specifics on the updates. In addition, Microsoft will also roll out a new Xbox SmartGlass app specifically aimed at Xbox One buyers.

“Later this year, be sure to check out the full launch of Windows 8.1 that will offer even more updates for Xbox Music and Xbox Video. With the launch of Xbox One, we’ll also be introducing an updated version of Xbox SmartGlass, making games and TV more interactive and immersive with new companion experiences on your smartphone, tablet and PC,” the company said.

According to previous reports, Windows 8.1 is set to hit RTM in August, while general availability is expected to be announced in October.

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