Microsoft Anti-Virus Hit by Virus Definition Update Issues

The update feature bundled into Microsoft Security Essentials no longer works

Users are reporting that Microsoft’s very own Security Essentials anti-virus no longer receives virus definition updates due to what seems to be a bug on specific systems.

H-Online writes that while the automated update option stopped working a few days ago, manually clicking the “Update” button makes no difference, so users have no other choice than to download and install the latest malware signatures all by themselves.

The bug was reported for the first time on January 19, but Microsoft is yet to release a workaround or, at least, to provide a statement on the matter.

Downloading the stand-alone package comprising the newest virus definitions isn’t too difficult, but make sure you get the right package, as Microsoft offers different signatures for 32- and 64-bit of its Windows operating system.

Download the latest Microsoft Security Essentials updates right from Softpedia.

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