Microsoft Blocks Shylock Malware Spreading via Skype

The company has confirmed that its users are now on the safe side

Hackers behind the Shylock project have developed new ways to infect more computers around the world using Microsoft’s own Skype VoIP platform, but the Redmond-based technology giant reacted pretty fast to block the threat.

A company spokesperson told us in an emailed statement that users are now on the safe side, as Shylock infections have been blocked completely. And still, consumers are advised to avoid clicking on links coming from untrusted sources.

“We are currently helping protect customers by blocking the known malware documented as Backdoor:Win32/Capchaw.N, also known as Shylock. We continue to encourage customers to avoid opening links from untrusted sources and visiting untrusted sites,” the spokesperson told us.

Of course, you’re also recommended to deploy a full-featured security product and update it with the latest virus definitions and, in case you’re yet to download the latest Skype version, to do it as soon as possible.

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