Microsoft: Break Up with Google on Valentine’s Day

Bing treats you right, Microsoft says in a press statement

Microsoft continues its fight with Google over whose search engine is better, this time with an attempt to convince users to dump the Mountain View-based company on Valentine’s Day.

Microsoft claims that one in 10 people say February means the end for relationships gone bad, so this is the right time to give Google the boot.

“This year Bing is challenging people to reconsider their search habit and break up with Google. You wouldn’t keep dating someone who isn’t trustworthy, so why use a search engine known for serving its interests over your own?” Microsoft said in a press release.

The company then goes on to showcase some of the most important features of the Bing search engine, trying to show everyone that it’s better than Google.

“Bing treats you right. Whether you’re shopping for gifts for your sweetheart, looking to plan a singles night out or finding tips for a great date night, try Bing this Valentine’s Day and avoid getting burned,” the company added.

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