Microsoft Breaks Down Surface Tablets with May 2013 Firmware Update

A new firmware for the Surface RT was released this Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released a new firmware update for the Surface RT this month, trying to solve several bugs, while also bringing new improvements to the tablet’s speaker volume.

It turns out, however, that that this update has actually broken down the volume control option of the Surface RT, so the audio is now increased and decreased all of a sudden during the playback of music and videos.

“Since the last patch day the sound changes its volume itself during playback. First it is loud for a few seconds, then it gets quiet for another few seconds, then loud again ... like if there was some kind of audio normalization working in the background creating a slowly pulsating sound,” one user explained on the Microsoft community forums.

Microsoft is currently looking into the issue, so expect a new update to be released next month, during the same Patch Tuesday cycle.

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