Microsoft Brings the Windows 8 Metro UI on Its Search Engine

The company rolls out a new look for the Friends’ Photos tool

Microsoft’s Windows 8 user interface design principle is being adopted by the company for some other products too, including the Friends’ Photo tool on its Bing search engine.

The Redmond-based technology giant has just released a new fresh look for this particular option, using a live tile layout similar to the one we’ve seen in the new operating system.

“You may be familiar with the modern user interface design principles that serve as the foundation for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox Live. We’re introducing a new tile layout that marries design and performance, making it faster and more seamless to browse your friends’ photos,” the Bing team said in a blog post.

In addition, the company rolled out a so-called “slideshow mode” that allows you to quickly view friends’ photos that match your search.

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