Microsoft Calls for African Devs to Create Windows 8 Apps

The company forms a so-called Africa Apps team to assist developers

Microsoft continues its efforts to convince developers to create apps for its new Windows 8 operating system, this time on the African continent.

The company has formed what it’s being called the Africa Apps team, a group of Microsoft experts that are supposed to help African developers design apps for Windows 8 through a number of local campaigns.

"We are very excited to be here in Kenya interacting with the students and preparing them to innovate using our technology. We have had a very good response from these young people on our various offerings and are confident that we should be seeing a churn of apps from them quite soon,” Dele Akinsade, the developer evangelist lead for West, East and Central Africa, said.

Microsoft started a global campaign to attract developers to Windows 8 ever since the operating system was released, with similar efforts taking place in multiple countries across the globe.

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