Microsoft Calms Down Game Developer, Trial Version in the Pipeline

Rubicon has removed the blog post criticizing Microsoft and Windows RT platforms

Game developer Rubicon attacked Microsoft and its Windows RT platform earlier today after the company had earned only $80 (€64) with its Windows Store app.

Rubicon said that it invested more than $16,000 (€12,400) to port the app for Windows RT and Microsoft hasn’t even promoted the game in its Windows Store to give it a chance to boost sales.

The company, however, has just removed the blog post and said that Microsoft “have graciously decided to work with us to iron out the problems and get us past this incident.”

“With a sense of fair play, I’m putting my grumpiness on hiatus and deleting the juicy bits. Which was all of it, sorry,” Rubicon explained.

Furthermore, the company confirmed in a comment that it’s working on a trial version of its Windows RT Great Big War Game version, so users will be allowed to take the game for a spin at no cost.

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