Microsoft Can’t Get Rid of Windows XP, New Data Shows

Market share figures indicate that Windows XP remains a very popular OS

Microsoft continues its efforts to move Windows XP users from the 11-year-old software to a newer operating system, be it Windows 7 or Windows 8, but new data indicates that this is a pretty difficult mission.

Net Applications figures for the month of January 2013 show that Windows XP has increased its market share to 39.51 percent, remaining the second most popular operating system in the world after Windows 7.

Windows XP has posted a gain of 0.43 percent over the December 2012 market share, so instead of going down, the old software continues to be a top choice for many users around the world.

Microsoft, on the other hand, continues to recommend consumers to upgrade to a newer Windows version, as it would stop providing support for XP in April 2014.

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