Microsoft Certified Professionals Help You Dump Windows 8 for $125 (€93)

Confused with Windows 8? Here’s a quick way to downgrade

Microsoft’s Windows 8 isn’t quite the most popular operating system on earth and many people still find it confusing and difficult to use.

But in case you purchase a new computer that comes with Windows 8, downgrading may be a real pain in the neck. That’s where Microsoft Certified Professionals come into play.

Some experts are willing to lend you a hand to dump Windows 8 and migrate to Windows 7, the number one operating system on the market, according to recent data.

It only costs you $125 (€93) to switch back to Windows 7 and since the whole process is performed by a professional, you won’t lose any data and will also get a fully working computer with all the drivers and the necessary apps to start working on it.

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