Microsoft Completes the Windows Live Messenger Retirement Today

The last versions of WLM are discontinued as we speak

Microsoft officially started the Windows Live Messenger retirement on April 8, while the last versions of the app are supposed to be removed from download today.

April 30 was Microsoft’s target date for the complete shutdown of Windows Live Messenger, a popular instant messaging application with millions of fans across the world.

It all started on April 8 with English versions of the app, while Brazilian-Portuguese builds are expected to go dark in the next few hours.

As always, the software giant encourages WLM users to give Skype a shot, as it packs not only a built-in Messenger, but also dedicated options to make audio and video calls over the Internet.

And still, users who wish to stick to Windows Live Messenger can download and install this third-party app that would patch specific files and remove the restriction applied by Microsoft this month.

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