Microsoft Confirms Windows 9, Work Already in Progress

The Redmond-based company already works on the next Windows iteration

Microsoft will launch the new Windows 8 this month, but the company has already started work on the next Windows iteration, apparently codenamed Windows 9.

Of course, no information is yet available, but James Akrigg, Microsoft's head of technology for partners, confirmed at Misco Expo 12 in the United Kingdom that Windows 9 is the next major project to be released by his company.

“It should just work. I'm not going to say we're going to do it [reach perfection] with Windows 8 because we're already working on Windows 9,” he said when asked about his expectations regarding Windows 8.

Curiously, sources close to the matter are also suggesting that Microsoft is working on a different Windows iteration called Windows Blue, but this one may actually be the first major improvement to the yet to be released Windows 8.

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