Microsoft Debuts 50-50 Split Screen View Mode in New Windows 8.1 Leaked Build

The company will likely release an improved Snap View mode in the next Windows upgrade

We’ve already reported a couple of weeks ago that Microsoft was working on an enhanced version of the Snap View already available in Windows 8, but more evidence emerged yesterday as a new build of Windows 8.1 got leaked.

It appears that Microsoft will use Windows 8.1 to introduce a new 50-50 split screen view mode for the installed Metro apps that would basically allow users to run these tools side by side on both tablets and desktop computers.

At this point, Windows 8 uses a different Snap View mode (pictured above) that requires a horizontal resolution of 1366 pixels or greater. The company, however, recently lowered system requirements not only to allow Windows 8.1 to be installed on smaller tablets, but also to set the foundation for this new split screen mode.

Of course, take this with a pinch of salt, as it’s not yet clear whether Microsoft plans to keep the feature for the stable build of Windows 8.1 or not.

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