Microsoft Debuts “Ad Pano” Ad Format for Windows 8 Metro Apps – Video

The tech giant is working on a less intrusive type of ads for Windows 8 users

Microsoft has announced the new “Ad Pano” concept, a brand new ad format specifically created for Windows 8 ads and supposed to promote specific products without disturbing the user.

The company has teamed up with several companies to create concepts that could bring less intrusive ads in Windows 8 Metro apps, be they created by Microsoft or by third-party developers.

One of the concepts based on Skype gives users the possibility to design a Vans-Branded skateboard park during a call with one of their contacts.

“As a reward, the Skype callers are taken on a video ride of their park with a Vans Pro skater. The park also becomes a landing page for Vans to merchandise its latest shoes and show video recaps of Vans Pros in action. Skype users could then share the Vans content and videos with their friends,” Microsoft explained.

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