Microsoft Debuts Image Match Option for Bing Search

Search for similar images on Bing with just one click

Microsoft has announced a new option for Bing search that allows users to look for similar images with just one click by simple selecting the “Image Match” tool on the results page.

Whenever you’re browsing images displayed on the Bing search results page, an option at the bottom of the page that reads “Image Match” gives you the option to launch a new search process for more sizes of the selected picture.

“Searching for the right image can be tough. After sorting through hundreds of images, you finally find a picture you like but unfortunately it’s low resolution or an odd dimension leaving you to go back to scrolling through the results pages. To take the hassle out of this process we’re introducing a new feature that allows you to match an image in a few simple clicks,” Microsoft says.

A similar feature was introduced by Google nearly three years ago, allowing users to search for a specific photo whenever they opened a picture displayed on the results page.

Of course, Bing needs as many improvements as possible, especially because Microsoft advertises it as the right replacement for the famous Google search engine, so this new option is quite a helpful addition.

The new feature is being added to Bing right now, so in case you can’t see it right now, check again in a few hours to give it a try.

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