Microsoft Demoes Lync-Skype Video Calling Features

The company has presented the feature in action at the Lync Conference in Las Vegas

Microsoft announced in 2013 that it plans to add video chatting features between Lync and Skype clients, thus allowing users of the two platforms to communicate with each other freely.

While the feature was only in development stage, the company finally presented the new video chatting option at the Lync Conference in Las Vegas, with all customers to get it sometime this year.

Microsoft claims that the new feature makes it extremely easy for business to chat not only with other businesses, but also with customers across the world.

“Without over-promising what we can expect here, it’s certainly true to say that certain industries such as financial services, healthcare and retail are all developing new business models in anticipation of video-enabled platforms like Lync,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft is also working to bring the Lync communication solution on other platforms, so the company presented an Android version designed for tablets at the show, while the public debut will take place in the summer.

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