Microsoft Details Another New Windows 8.1 Feature

The company talks WebView in the first Windows 8 OS update

Windows 8.1 sure comes with plenty of improvements for end users, but Microsoft has also implemented several new utilities for web developers too, especially because the company continues its efforts to bring more high-quality apps in the Windows Store.

WebView, for instance, has been significantly improved in Windows 8.1, so it now packs support for more content sources, local state directories, and enhanced browsing functionality.

“With Windows 8.1, the WebView control is now available to use in HTML apps. Previously, apps written in HTML and JavaScript needed to use an iframe if they wanted to host web content that’s not part of the app. When you use the WebView control for site hosting you get better isolation, navigation, smart screen, and support for sites that can’t be hosted in an iframe,” Microsoft explained in a blog post.

The article then goes on to explain the advantages of using WebView in Windows 8.1, while also providing some techy details to prove that this OS update is at least worth a try.

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