Microsoft Develops Augmented Reality Glasses for Real-Time Information

The technology could be used for live information during certain events

Microsoft is currently developing augmented reality glasses that could be used to receive live information during specific events.

A patent application filed in May 2011 reveals that Microsoft’ device won’t be designed for gaming purposes, as it’ll act in a similar way as the Head-Up Display already used in the automotive industry.

Basically, the glasses could be used to send information to those wearing them, such as live scores and player stats during sport events, writes.

“A user wearing an at least partially see-through, head mounted display views the live event while simultaneously receiving information on objects, including people, within the user's field of view, while wearing the head mounted display. The information is presented in a position in the head mounted display which does not interfere with the user's enjoyment of the live event,” the patent application reads.

It remains to be seen whether the device will actually reach production phase, but in case it does, it would definitely help Microsoft better tackle the hardware industry.

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