Microsoft Drops Surface RT Price to $199 (€145) on Black Friday

Redmond has announced a new discount for its first tablet in history

Microsoft is gearing up for some very special price cuts on Black Friday, including a discount for its first tablet in history launched back in October 2012.

The Surface RT will be available during the Black Friday weekend for only $199 (€145) not only in Microsoft stores, but also online and at Best Buy locations across the United States.

Since the company hasn’t yet announced promos for any other Surface model, it could be another attempt to clear out inventories for the first-generation tablet, as Microsoft already debuted the new version in both RT and Pro forms.

Microsoft’s Surface RT comes with Windows RT and can be updated to Windows RT 8.1, while also including Office 2013 RT and all the other Bing apps that are pre-installed on all copies of Microsoft’s modern operating systems.

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