Microsoft Employees Don’t Use Windows 8 Devices

The company is gifting workers with Windows 8 devices for personal use

Microsoft has already announced that all its employees would get free Windows 8 devices, including Surface tables and Windows Phone 8 handhelds.

And while this is pretty good news for all those working for the Redmond-based technology giant, it may seem like some employees aren’t quite excited with these new Windows 8 devices, be they phones or tablets.

Globes reports that Microsoft Israel staff don’t use Windows Phone 8 and instead stick to Windows Phone 7 or 7.5. Although some sources suggest that employees themselves prefer to stick to more familiar devices, the company says it’s all happening because the upgrade hasn’t commenced yet.

“The upgrade will be carried out soon, as planned. We are now testing a range of devices on the market, and soon all employees of Microsoft Israel and Microsoft Israel R&D Center will be able to benefit from the most advanced smartphones on the market,” Microsoft Israel told the source.

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