Microsoft Employees Not Allowed to Take Their Tablets Home

A change of policy doesn’t allow employees to take their Surface tablets with them

Back in September, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer managed to bring a smile on everyone’s faces as he announced that each of the company’s 94,000 employees would get a free Surface tablet, a Windows 8 laptop and a Windows Phone 8.

That was indeed good news for everyone working for Microsoft, but it appears that it’s not all just milk and honey.

Citing an insider, Ed Bott reports that Microsoft employees aren’t allowed to give away or resell their tablets and some aren’t even allowed to take the devices with them when they leave the campus.

“While personal use is not prohibited, these are not personal gifts and may not be given away or resold,” he said, quoting a source familiar with the matter. “Oh, and if you leave the company, you’ll be expected to hand over your Surface along with your blue badge. You can’t take it with you,” he continued.

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